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Tribaldos, Castilla La Mancha, Spain

Location Accuracy

In Cuenca, a town of Tribaldos, Spain; which has a population of 69 people; a monolith was spotted with no explanation for its appearance, according to Major Fernando Ortega. Major Ortega works with iron himself. He tells us that the object is very well constructed, with great skill.

The "Monolith Tracker" Discord Group has translated text written on the monolith and found that the Klingon character set is used and that the message is in phonetic Spanish. The Klingon language is the constructed language spoken by the fictional Klingons in the Star Trek Universe. So, the message is in Klingon font but written in spanish.


EXCLUSIVE REPORT for Monolith Tracker, from Kawak Cabrejos, Calafell, Catalunya, Spain.
Visit on January 5th, 2021.
Material: stainless steel. Probable thickness: 2 millimeters.

Hollow. It produces a deep and prolonged sound when struck with the open hand, like a huge drum: booooommm… booooommm… A sound that seems to come from far away. Surely, when hit on top of a hill, it can be heard at great distances. It sounds identical to the Santes Creus Monolith, in Catalunya. When the sun hit him, it could be seen for miles, from the road.


Single sheet of three meters high by approx one meter wide folded on three sides and with a single weld. Triangular apex, welded at very precise points.
Inside the apex an inner triangle of a darker color is discovered, it is assumed that it is the product of the heat of the weld, although it is not exactly known.
The metal is treated with a combination of polished and patinated / burnished, it is highly reflective, smooth and warm.

Mayor Ortega, who has worked with iron in particular for years, explains that whoever made the object is very skillful and efficient; that the letters have been cut with a laser; and that the folding machine to bend a sheet of metal of that size is only found in large workshops. An approximate budget to design, make and install the structure would be at least € 2,500, about $ 3,000.


It was installed on the top of a hill, that of Ribagorda, which dominates an entire extension that includes the Hermitage of Santa Ana, the town of Tribaldos, and the town and the Monastery of Santiago de Uclés. Installed at night, from December 20 to 21, 2020, in that place, at that time of year, it tends to get sub-zero temperatures and freeze the land. It was also nailed vertically with a cast iron pillar of about 80 or 90 cm long, welded and firmly screwed to the structure and to a triangular base also made of cast iron.

One speculative connection is to the Saint Anne. The message "¡VICTORIA! SANTA ANA BENDITA. Tribaldos 2020."can be interpreted as "¡VICTORY! BLESSED (SACRED) SANTA ANA.". Saint Anne is the maternal grandmother of Jesus.

The Tribaldos monolith was stolen and then abandoned on land. People, Major of Tribaldos and Guardia Civil searched, found and rescued the stolen structure. The Cuenca monolith is under custody now. Everybody is very impressed in a good way. The Guardia Civil (military police) advised the Major to keep the M in a warehouse and for the moment not to put it back to the original place at the top of the hill.
Dates & Classification
Date Spotted
Date Vanished
Possibly significant monoliths, well made, but with little information or some evidence that suggests a knockoff/generally less mystery
Multiple Monoliths
Physical Qualities
Generic Metal
Number of Sides
Three Sided (Typical Monolith Design)
Top Geometry
Inclined Plane
3.00 meters
Marking Text