Please report any monoliths we may be missing, or update existing ones with new or better information. Thanks!

Classification System

We use the classification system proposed by /u/Walkyou, in this post.

Not all monoliths are created equal. Some are much more mysterious, while others have been confirmed to be knockoffs. This list will divide the monoliths into 6 classes, listed and described below.

  • S-Class: Significant monoliths, well made, with zero explanations of appearance
  • P-Class: Possibly significant monoliths, well made, but with little information or some evidence that suggests a knockoff/generally less mystery than an S-Class monolith
  • Q-Class: Questionable monoliths, not confirmed to be knockoffs but likely considering the origin or appearance of the monolith
  • K-Class: Known Origin, monoliths with little mystery surrounding them due to their known origin
  • U-Class: Unconfirmed Monolith usually reported directly or on social media
  • F-Class: Forgery, Previously listed monolith as a Class-U or other classification that was exposed as a Forgery